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Who We Work With

We, at Van Sickle Business Consulting, work with business owners of start up, small and mid size companies. The majority of our business owners do not have the luxury of a professionally trained management team and often do not have an employee staff large enough to take on ancillary projects.

We realize our clients are faced with many challenges including discovering and recovering lost profits from underperforming assets and investments. We facilitate extracting more profit from day to day business operations which means increased, healthier bottom line performance. We help identify areas for improved efficiency as well as identify and create programs geared to retain high performing employees and to also raise the bar to aspiring higher performing employees.

We recognize that each company is unique with challenges specific and unique to their industry. Our goal is to support our business owners and identify through analysis and strategic planning the most cost efficient and time efficient strategies to increase performance and profitability.

Our consulting strategies help our business owners take control of their businesses with a  “no nonsense” approach, yet we deliver perspectives that include empathy and encourage relationship development throughout our consulting process.

Our number one commitment to our clients is to listen, ask questions, gain clarity, and create a plan specific to each situation to help business owners and executives improve company performance and maximize return on personal investment. We know that successful marketing campaigns don’t happen by accident. It is only by careful analysis and a deep understanding of your company, your products and services, and your specific goals that we are able to identify your target audience and develop a marketing plan that’s realistic, practical and won’t break your budget. Our goal is to always deliver the highest value to our clients at the best price possible.

Once we complete our analysis of your business we develop a “no nonsense” marketing plan that is easy to follow, practical to execute and won’t cost a fortune. One of the ways we are able to continue to offer affordable marketing and advertising solutions and deliver maximum results to our clients is through our ongoing development of trusted relationships with local and virtual partners. Each plan is unique, and our recommendations may include developing a professionally designed logo that projects your company image and personality, careful selection of color to heighten your brand, business cards, brochures, letterhead and envelopes, website development, social media, blogging, television advertising, video email marketing and other electronic media that delivers results and consistently projects a professional image.

We look forward to having the opportunity to identify and develop the right strategies that make the most sense for your business to thrive and profit in today’s uncertain economy.