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Troy Van Sickle
California Office
27068 La Paz Rd
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656-3041


I highly recommended Van Sickle Business Consulting Services.



Troy was instrumental in securing a new payment agreement with a past client that represented a significant amount of money owed to my company, and to other business associates as well. Troy was persistent, yet always professional. He did not give up when we were ready to! We cannot thank you enough.


I was considering closing my business. I hired Van Sickle Business Consulting for 3 hours of consulting time and asked for help in an area I had been struggling with in my business. Troy was able to work with me and give me clarity and a plan of action. I have implemented his plan and am looking forward to profitable results and keeping my business open!


Troy has extensive knowledge about the automobile and motorcycle industry. As a small business serving these markets I found his planning suggestions refreshing and very cost effective. My business is small and I don’t have a large budget for marketing. His ideas worked!


I highly recommended Van Sickle Business Consulting Services. The fee structure is fair and I feel I got more than my money’s worth. I am a small business owner and every penny counts!


Mr. Van Sickle’s objectivity and business consulting expertise played an integral part in the process of evaluating how best to go about recovering a large sum of money owed to my business. I had given up and Troy had the knowledge, resources and skills I didn’t know existed that helped me tremendously in evaluating how to tackle this situation and get very positive results. Thank you!


Troy’s business consulting expertise helped me through a difficult transition in my business. He provided clear solutions that got the results I was looking for and he was always mindful of my budget! I highly recommend Van Sickle Business Consulting Services.